The Little Things

The daily prompt today suggested to:

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that define you worlds, but is often overlooked.


I was thinking about this one for a little bit and read some of the posts other people wrote, related to this this theme and then realized how loaded this question really is. A lot of people feel quite frustrated about the fact that their kindness, intelligence or generosity is not fully appreciated by the people around them. When I tried to apply this to my own life I realized that there are definitely moments when aspects of my being are overlooked, but that that is mostly for the better…

Let me explain.

I am Dutch. This means I am from a very small country with a bit of a napoleon complex. This also means I am a walking sarcasm-jukebox. I am actually quite conscious of this handicap and know not everyone can appreciate this level of  unsalted directness, to which we Dutchies like to refer to as “honest” and “clear”. Especially now that I am living abroad I try to be more careful with what I say. I try to choose my words more carefully before I set them loose into the world but even then I often encounter the following facial expressions:

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Even though I try to bite my tongue as often as I can when I feel sarcastic sidenotes bubbling inside me, sometimes it’s just not possible to hold it in or the remark is just too funny to let slip by, so I close my eyes and let it out… Something that also tends to happen is that I realize my “honesty” is not fit for this certain occasion, while I am saying them…

So… this brings to my little blessing. I have a very soft voice that tends to get lost in crowds…Sometimes only the person next to me hears my remark and will repeat it for me, if he/she thought it was good enough to share or will just look at me with big eyes, which usually means something along the lines of “WTF dude, did you really just say what I think you said??”.

So, something that most people that have been around for more than a couple of months (it takes a while for me to feel comfortable enough to let it out), know I am a sarcastic soul. When this is overlooked, it is usually for the better (but I still think you guys are missing out 😛 )