Sad songs despite my good mood

First of all I want to come clean and admit straight away that I missed day four in my daily-blog challenge, so today I am posting twice. One in the morning and one in the evening, I’m sure that’s spread out enough to make it count as two separate days in some other timezone…

Anyway, the second confession is that I really don’t know what to blog about. Nothing really makes sense as a follow up for this morning’s blog. So, how about some music…?

I am actually quite an optimistic person but for some reason tend to enjoy melancholic and slightly sad music. So, my idea for this blog is to give you the top five of ultra moody songs.

There’s no particular order for these songs so listen to them as you wish. Here we go!

This first song really gave me insane chills the first time I heard it. The only right version is the live version, in my opinion. The song is written for her father, who re-married and whose wife would not let him have a proper relationship with his daughter. This is Beth Hart, begging her father to stand up for her…

Another song that caught me unaware and brought a lump to my throat for reasons I still don’t truly understand myself is by Lady Gaga. In this case also, the live version is actually the best.

This next song is by Maria Mena and I think she is wonderful. She’s such a beautifully troubled soul that I love to listen to on quiet evenings with a comforting cup of tea. I have never been in a complicated relationship and don’t have any past I would need to let go of. However, I totally understand the “fear of normalcy” she sings about.

No melancholic list is complete without the Civil Wars and all though it’s hard to choose, this is one of the songs I always come back to.

A singer that makes Maria Mena sound like the happiest kid on earth is Sinead O’connor. This song in particular has so much anguish in it that I can’t always deal with it. But on some nights: Full blast out of my speakers and howl to the moon! The video is new to me too, to be honest…

So that’s it for day 5 of Blogust. I’m back on track.

And if you have any melancholic music tips, do share!


5 thoughts on “Sad songs despite my good mood

  1. John Frusciante – Scratches
    Gary Jules – Mad World
    The National – Santa Clara
    Staind – Excess Bagage
    Opeth – In My Time of Need
    Moby – Why Is My Heart Feel So Bad?
    Moby – Porcelain
    Moby – Whispering Wind
    Moby – Harbour
    Morrisey – Everyday is like Sunday
    Pearl Jam – Black
    Metallica – Black
    Metallica – The Unforgiven
    Radiohead – Street Spirit
    Radiohead – How To Dissapear Completely
    Radiohead – Exit Music For A Film
    Manchester Orchestra – Dont Let Them See You Cry
    Caifanes – Ayer Me Dijo Un Ave
    Dream Theater – Throug Her eyes
    Dream Theater – Disappear
    Elbow – My Very Best
    Tommy Stinson – Light Of Day
    Cat Stiven – Wild World
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tear
    Elton John – Empty Garden
    Avril Lavigne – Knocking on heavens door
    REM – Shiny Happy People
    Slipknot – Snuff
    Pink Floyd – Wish you Where Here
    Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
    Jean Pierre Taieb – Running After My Fate
    Evanescence – My Immortal
    Deftones – Minerva
    Coldplay – The Scientist
    Terence Jay – One Blood
    Enya – Only Time
    Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue
    Limp Bitzkit – Behind Blue Eyes
    Nirvana – Something In The Way
    Gorillaz – Meloncholy Hill
    Depeche Mode – Precious
    Kassabian -Goddbye Kiss
    Vangelis – Losing Sleep (Still, My Heart)
    First Aid Kit – Tangerine
    K’s Choice – Virgin State Of Mind
    Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
    Jason Mraz -Stranger In The Sky

    1. WOW! You win, haha! And kudos for including K’s Choice, one of my all time fav bands. 🙂 Will def be adding these to my playlist!

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