Roskilde Festival 2017 – Let them in!

Gates open at 16:00 o’clock today!!

It’s kind of cool that I have already been on the Festival Grounds since Tuesday. Perks of being a volunteer!

But wow, I’m just realizing I really did a lousy job analyzing the RF17 line up, didn’t I? I have an excuse though; life threw me an unexpected curve ball and I ended up with not enough time nor attention span to go through the whole thing.

I will make up for it by posting a couple of blogs in the upcoming week. I will be cheating a bit by writing them now, and having them automatically upload in the following days, but I’ll make sure they are relevant.

As for today; this is how it will probably go (including the weather):

Find yourself a good spot and let’s hope the weather gods have some sun for us in store, all though it’s not showing in the forecasts (yet)…

weather RF17

Need a map of the Festival Grounds? Click here!


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