Black Pete wraps it up

This blog is the fifth and final post in my Black Pete Pentalogy.  My plan was to have my Black Pete conclusion-blog done on the fifth of December, which is the final day of the Sinterklaas celebration in the Netherlands. I failed to meet the deadline, but have had this blog on my mind pretty … Continue reading Black Pete wraps it up

Black Pete & his opponents

In the past, Black Pete fans were predominantly Dutch children. Now that his position and appearance have come under scrutiny, adults have started rejoining the fanclub and are standing up for him. If you ask me though, Black Pete’s real friends are the ones that wish him to be removed from the Sinterklaas celebration all … Continue reading Black Pete & his opponents

Black Pete & Politics

Since my first post about the “Black Pete debate” in 2013, things have not gotten any better. This week protesters from both sides of the debate were arrested for instigating violence and it looks like this was only the beginning. Actually, the real beginning of when Black Pete entered the political arena was years ago.  … Continue reading Black Pete & Politics

Black Pete & Frisians

As I mentioned in the final sentence of my previous post, I have some pent up frustrations on the matter of Black Pete and the way my fellow countrymen are handling the debate. And as if finding a common ground with the “regular” Dutch wasn’t complicated enough, the Frisians decided to put in their two … Continue reading Black Pete & Frisians

Black Pete & Childhood

This is one of those blogs that has been in the making for months and I was convinced today would be the day I’d share the whole thing with the world. However, as I previewed it just now I realized it was turning into a lengthy thesis, rather than something easy-to-read-while-sitting-on-the-toilet (which is one of … Continue reading Black Pete & Childhood


I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! Or wait… I don’t think that’s right… …I think I actually WON the award… The award IS being nominated, isn’t it? Or does some secret Blogger Jury actually go around picking out winners? Hmmm…. Anyway, I’m not the only one with questions. The Blogger Recognition Award itself … Continue reading THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD

Doubters alert – Part Two

This is Blog 4 in my A-Z Blogseries:Doubt I recently noticed my first “Doubter Alert” blog was getting quite a few views (which I still can’t really explain). To be honest, when I saw the title appear in my stats I couldn’t even really remember what it was about. So I re-read my own post and … Continue reading Doubters alert – Part Two