Roskilde Festival 2017 – Let them in!

Gates open at 16:00 o’clock today!!

It’s kind of cool that I have already been on the Festival Grounds since Tuesday. Perks of being a volunteer!

But wow, I’m just realizing I really did a lousy job analyzing the RF17 line up, didn’t I? I have an excuse though; life threw me an unexpected curve ball and I ended up with not enough time nor attention span to go through the whole thing.

I will make up for it by posting a couple of blogs in the upcoming week. I will be cheating a bit by writing them now, and having them automatically upload in the following days, but I’ll make sure they are relevant.

As for today; this is how it will probably go (including the weather):

Find yourself a good spot and let’s hope the weather gods have some sun for us in store, all though it’s not showing in the forecasts (yet)…

weather RF17

Need a map of the Festival Grounds? Click here!

RF17 – Anticipation – Big Fish @ Roskilde Festival

Besides Foo Fighters, who I already mentioned in a previous Roskilde Anticipation – post, some pretty big names have been lined up to play in Roskilde next week.

Let’s talk ’em through:

the Weeknd

This guy really is the shit, imo. He’s an innovator who hasn’t disappointed me yet. All though no two songs are the same, every track he makes (or collabs on) is unmistakably him. My current favorites must be his collaborations with Daft Punk, but his new song is interesting as well.


the Lumineers

Ho Hey is probably their best known song, but I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of that one. Can’t explain what I dislike about it…it’s just a tad too slow, or something…

Anyway, I love their latest song “Angela”, which you can listen to below and I hear they are awesome live performers. We’ll see!

Rag’n’Bone man

I’m super excited about the possibility of seeing this guy. He’s such a wonderfully strange combination of looks and sounds. His eyes and voice are sensitive and soulful, the rest of him is rough and uninviting. I’m sure some people would mistake him for the bouncer at a gig and not the performer.

Needless to say though, I am really eager to see him as on stage! I actually only know one or two of his songs though, with Human being the most famous:


Icona Pop

This female party duo is best known for “I love it” featuring Charlie XCX. Let me know if you disagree, but their music kind of reminds me of Katy Perry’s tongue in cheek attitude. I have no doubt they will raise the roof in Roskilde!


Oh lord… She’s quite something isn’t she…? It’s so easy to dislike her and I haven’t quite made up my mind about where I stand. Some of her songs have definitely made their way into my playlists, specifically Tennis Court and of course Royals, which was an instant classic.

I’m not quite sure about her new song though. Actually no, I think I’m OK with the song. It’s mostly the video that got on my nerves, and more specifically her mouth… And she has something Björkie about her, don’t you think?


Even without her last name on the billboard, it’s almost inevitable; we all want to compare her to her big sis, even though she is so very different. If we are going to compare her to anyone though, Solange’s sound is more like Erykah Badu or India Arie than Beyonce. It’s not all easy listening, but very much worth it, in my opinion. I hope to see her!

the XX

In all honesty I haven’t really listened to or looked for the XX in the last five years, but loved their first record, that came out in 2009, with tracks such as Crystalised and Islands. They just released a new album though, called “I see you”. Their first single is called “On hold”, which is what they seem to have been in the last few years. I hope they do well!


Residente may not directly ring any bells with most people, but all Latin Americans will look up when they hear his name. This guy accompanies me on many of my jogs, with the reggaeton move-you-butt kind of songs he made in the past. His lyrics were often very sexual bordering on “ew”, sometimes weird and kind of funny (which made the first two characteristics acceptable somehow).

Lately his songs have been a bit more female friendly but at times, still really really weird. If you are up for it, click play below:

The moral of this story is, “chill out, we are all abnormal somehow”. A message that is very much in Roskilde Festival spirit, me thinks!

RF17 – ANTICIPATION – Artists & Vocabulary

six more days, 16 hours, 30 minutes and counting!

Roskilde Festival preparations are well under way. All artists have been appointed a time and place to perform and my Danish language skills are better than they’ve ever been (which isn’t hard considering I knew zero Danish words before last year’s festival).

Before sharing my first Danish words with you, let me pick up up where I left off last time with my Artist A, B, C.

If you’re craving for some good old (but not old at all!) dark garage-rock music, give Dør Nr. 13 a click. It’s all in Danish so don’t ask me about what it all means but in this case it doesn’t really matter.

And if you are craving for a “Dafuq did I just watch”-sensation, watch Father John Misty’s “Total Entertainment Forever”-video. When I listened to it without the video, it reminded me of REM with a whim of the Beatles.

And then: the Foo Fighters! No need for introductions, right? The Pretender is one of my favorite songs of all time, but have you seen/heard their new song, Run? I’m not completely on board yet…


If you need to catch your breath after running with the Foo Fighters, Gangly will bring your heart rate down to more chilled out levels. I’m not completely sure how their music will work out on a live stage, but I can totally see me putting their tunes on in the background during a loungey summer get-together with friends…

The last name I want to share is Hamilton Leithauser. I know, comparisons always suck, but if anything he is a cross between Rod Stewart and Bob Dylan…

Watch it and tell me I’m wrong:


…and now it is time for a Danish lesson. If I read the words it makes sense to me. It is not so different from Dutch. The pronunciation is pretty daunting though…

What I have figured out is that g’s are pretty much silent in Danish, which is interesting as they are very prominent in Dutch…  So, where Dutchies say “goede morgen” with a throat scraping sound at every “g”, the Danish have “Godmorgen”, but pronounce it as “Gomorn” and “Goddag” is pronounced pretty much like the English “Good Day”.

A YouTube language tutorial that is helping me along is this one:


What happened at the W-20 summit ?

W-20 summit 2Earlier today, the W-20 Women’s summit kicked off in Berlin with a panel- discussion titled „Inspiring women: Scaling Up Women’s Entrepreneurship”. There were some interesting names on the panel, our Dutch queen Maxima among others. I was looking forward to hearing what she had to say and how she stood her ground beside iconic powerhouses such as Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde.

Sadly, media has reported on only one thing: Ivanka Trump. The one person I couldn’t care less about. She was apparently booed and hissed at by the audience when she tried to convince them her pops was a promoter of women’s rights. I can’t even roll my eyes hard enough.

Why was she even there?

W-20 summit

All though I am quite certain the other members of the panel must have spoken as well and that what they had to say must’ve been pretty empowering or at least relevant, I can’t tell you for sure. All I know is that Maxima was the first speaker and that she described herself as a “feminist”, what in her vision meant “wanting equal rights” as well as freedom of choice. This drew applause from the audience, with Merkel saying, “Then I am one.”

Well shucks girls, I sure wish it wouldn’t be necessary to start the discussion at such a basic level but more so, I wish media had chosen more interesting snippets to quote…

I’m hoping the discussion will be online in full at some point so I can give it a go myself and see if I can collect some more interesting quotes.

“Give me a piece of your mind”

My parents are honest people with strong opinions for which they sometimes need loud words.

Even now that they have grandkids, I have seen them explaining matters of the world in a way some others may feel is not appropriate for such young kids. Some kids dig it and others zone out when being spoken to in this manner, but I always thought it was kind of cool that my dad never “dumbed things down” for me.

A request I got from my father on several occasions (and far too often, as far as I was concerned at the time) was “give me a piece of your mind”.  You can imagine it was something he did to get a sense of what his sulky adolescent daughter might be thinking. I never really knew what he meant and my answer never seemed to be what he was hoping to hear anyhow.

You could say honesty was valued highly in our household. And to express your honest opinions it was required to be eloquent. “Just because” was never a valid explanation for anything and I was allowed (up to a certain extent) to expect the same from them.

I remember my first boyfriend was quite overwhelmed by the in depth conversations we had over dinner.

The biggest liar and most truthful person, all in one

A line that I wrote down in my “ideas journal” the other day, is that my father is “one of the most honest people I know, as well as one of the least”.

He is one of the most honest because he doesn’t seem afraid to have an uncommon opinion. He will stand up for his beliefs, at the cost of being “the odd one” in a crowd. He is also unwillingly honest, as his face just gives away what he thinks about you and your explanation.

At the same time, he is one of the least honest people I know because as much as he tries to uphold the idea that he doesn’t care what others think of him, his fear of appearing to be weak always wins. He will say everything is going splendidly and that he has never felt better, until he reaches the point that the only one buying it is him.

The again, does it count as lying if he lied to himself about it first?

Also, his stubbornness sometimes reaches truly absurd levels. He will stay on a chosen course even after being disproved by someone. Adjusting your course would be admitting you were wrong at some point and that apparently is not an option in his world.

He can also be very arrogant, in the sense that he will easily discard your idea as a lesser opinion if it is not in line with his. And not only is the opinion of low quality, so are you for coming up with it. He will use big, aggressive words to make you feel unsure about your line of thought, and make you back down. You might even accept his own idea at some point, just because he presents it with so much self confidence.

Intellectual & Emotional Honesty

What I figured out only recently is that the type of honesty I was taught to express was purely intellectual. That is the type of honesty that researchers and journalists apply in their work. It is the type of honesty that is based on logic, historical facts, knowledge, vocabulary and grammar.

This type of intellectual honesty is something that comes natural to me. I have never had trouble forming my opinion or pointing out to someone when they set off my bullshit radar and why.

Apparently the invisible, irrational, uncontrollable concepts of feelings are something you can be honest about too… You apparently don’t even need words to express them! Mind. Blown. And when it comes to being honest about those, I suck. I wonder why?

A child’s tears

This brings me to the final clue to my father’s dishonesty; he has never been able to handle my tears.

…Not that I even know how to cry anymore…

Unless some plant or tree is in bloom, or something.

And there’s some snot involved during these pollen allergies, as well.

But maybe they don’t actually qualify as tears.

Anyhoooooowww, see how awkward I get from talking about these things??

…where were we?

Ah yes, me crying.

Far before I reached an age that this was reasonable for, I was expected to be able to explain my behavior, especially when my behavior included tears. If I couldn’t come up with a “good” reason for my eye leakage, I was simply asked to stop doing that. And so I did.

All though my father told me years later that the crying prohibition was one of the few things he regretted in life, it did teach me to express myself pretty well. I know what I want and don’t want and am more capable than many others to express where my boundaries lie.

After analyzing the heck out of it during my long train ride home last week I came to a new theory. He saw my tears as criticism. Honest little wet mirrors rolling down a child’s cheek. And he couldn’t deal with that.

Time for a new lesson

Don’t get me wrong. My childhood was actually pretty awesome. Part of it was thanks to my parents, other parts were great despite of them. I hold no grudges. Or I try not to.

I am definitely thankful towards my parents for giving me the ability to discuss every possible topic, be it social, political or cultural in any crowd. When it comes to other forms of honesty however, I think I may have a lesson or two for them.

RF17 – Anticipation – A, B, C

Going through the list of artists that will be at Roskilde festival this year in alphabetical order, one of the first artists that really caught my attention is Alsarah & the Nubatones.

Alsarah is the lead singer, born in Sudan and true to her roots by singing primarily in her mother tongue. Her “Tiny Desk Concert”-performance gave me a nice overview of her music and her fun spirit.

Next I was stopped in my tracks by this song by Norwegian singer Ary. There are not a lot of tracks of hers on YouTube, but her live performance at Norwegian talkshow Lindmo has got me enthused. Her song “the sea” is another song I love and recommend.

A Danish band that caught my attention, was described in the Huffington Post as follows:

Electrifying beats paired with Schneider’s orphic vocals lead the listener down an entrancing aural path that could even charm the likes of Hades. Its slow, rhythmic movement is melancholy yet electrifying, beating with the pulse of a body at rest. When meaning is removed from the lyrics, I can indulge in the unique intonations of the Danish language, following along each lilt, timbre, and inflection that oozes from Schneider’s vocal reeds. Though it becomes a solely sonic experience, that does not change its emotive powers.

The group is called AyOwa and the song below is currently their best known track.

Baiana System immediately got my knees twitching when I put their music on. They have a unique sound that is described on the Roskilde website as “a modern take on one of the world’s first electric guitar styles, guitarra baiana, which is also the name of the diminutive four-string axes they use to play it.”


No clue what that means, but I would love to see them perform it live!

A band that I can already imagine raising the roof and getting everybody swinging their butts off is the South African band BCUC. Not sure why, but the singer kind of reminded me of Freddy Mercury…

Then something completely different. Despite the ominous name, Cancer actually has a very dreamy, summer-campfire-worthy sound. Give it a click!

That is as far as I got in the list. I hope to give every band on the list a quick listen before the festival starts, all though I know that planning is useless. Not just useless, it also takes away from the fun of walking passed a tent and thinking: “Hey that sounds interesting… Let’s check it out!”

And what I remember liking the most about last year were precisely those performances that I had read nothing about but ended up having an absolute blast at.

A little more than two months to go!

The Blue Sky Tag

My fellow blogger and like-minded soul searcher, LazyHaze, threw a Blue Sky Tag my way. Thanks a bunch for that!

She came up with some cool questions for me, as well. Check out my answers below!

What is your favorite song?

Just one?? That question is hard… bordering on cruel… 😛

But OK, if I have to go for just the one, then I choose Todo Cambia, by the legendary Argentinian singer, Mercedes Sosa. Gives me goosebumps every time.

What do you like to do in free time?

she ra.gifHmm… I tell people horseriding is one of my greatest hobbies, but I don’t really do it that often anymore. I used to have a horse of my own, but that was more than a decade ago.

What I actually do in my free time is not that impressive. I love me some netflix time, I love goofing around with my boyfriend and I love spending time outdoors, all though I do suffer from “good weather syndrome”. My definition of good weather isn’t “warm and sunny” per se, but I am definitiely not a rain lover…

What movie genre are you into?

My taste in movies is pretty varied, all though I am not a big fan of corny comedies or cheesy lovey dovey flicks. I can’t handle Scarlett Johansson’s eternal orgasm face or Nicholas Cage’s droopy mumblings. Will Ferrel, Steve Martin and  Hugh Grant are also deal breakers.

Not sure I’ve answered the question yet… but I think that’s all I’ve got to say about that… (movie reference! movie reference!)

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

Hmm, I don’t really have time travelling aspirations… maybe I’d visit a time pre-dating humans? Just to see what it was like. Maybe see if I could tame a dinosaur and ride one of those. 😮

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Rock climbing is at the top of my list. As in, it as actually the first thing on it. But it’s not at the top in the sense that it is the thing I want to do first or most.

As I just moved into a new house a few months ago, I’d like to build something myself. A piece of furniture or a bird house or something. I’m actually working on some ideas. They’re not quite ready to be shared with the world, but maybe someday.

Are you afraid to live or are you afraid to die?

I’d like to think I’m not afraid of death, but that might be a lie. I’m an atheist (allthough sometimes my stance towards religion leans more toward agnosticism), so I don’t believe there is anything after I die. It just stops. And that is fine.

If I am afraid at all, I think it might be of the actual process of dying, not death itself… Does that make sense?

Who is your hero/heroine?

Michelle Obama kicks ass.

Oh and Malala Yousafzai.


What helps you get out of bed in the morning?

I am actually a morning person and have very little trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

What do you think of pornography? Do you think it should be banned? (Indian Govt. tried to do just that)

I’m not sure banning pornography is even possible… It’s a phenomenon stronger than any regulation can enforce and has been around for as long as history can tell.

I have no ethical problems with pornography in itself. I mean, I have no problem with the idea of men (let’s face it, it’s made for men… am I right?) watching naked people having sex or masturbating.

What I do have some issues with is HOW sexual interactions are portrayed. It’s so different from reality. And I do believe that people with little experience may get the wrong expectations from it that may harm women in particular.

Which blog do you read every day?

I am actually not very loyal when it comes to blogging or blog-reading. I forget about my WordPress friends for weeks at a time and then stick around for a few days and then disappear again. I’m horrible that way…


I tag:

The rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer their questions.
  3. Tag people.
  4. Give them questions to answer.

My questions for you:

  1. What is something you enjoy doing but are ashamed of telling people about?
  2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  3. What do you think of tattoos?
  4. Can you handle tickling?
  5. Which song do you know all the words to?
  6. What do you see when you walk out your front door?
  7. What does your dreamhouse look like?
  8. Are you a morning person?
  9. What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
  10. Do you celebrate your birthday?

Have a good weekend and happy holidays to all of you celebrating Easter, Passover, Pahela Baishakh, Songkran or some other festive occasion.