Sad songs series #2 – feat. ADELE!

During my daily-blog-challenge in August I dedicated one blog to the sad songs I listen to, even when I’m in a good mood (or maybe especially then!). My moody playlist has been expanding lately, and instead of keeping them all to myself I decided to share some of my new additions in a new episode of the sad song series.

And now that the internet has recovered from its epileptic attack, following Adele’s announcement and release of new material, I might as well throw it in here as well. I’m actually surprised she still has so much pain to put in this song, as her life seems to be going quite well (to some people’s horror, as we had become convinced she could only channel her musical genius after break ups). Good on ya, mama!

Please enjoy my top 5 of sad songs, suitable to sing along to even during the happiest of times!

Adele – Hello

Asa – dead again

Jarryd James – Do you remember

Baby queens – red lights

Aaron Krause – Recreational