Silly songs somebody sung

Inspired by this blog I read today, I started scrolling through my internal harddrive to come up with some song that makes me giggle or frown or think anything that would be worth sharing here.

I listened to some of my favorite songs but other than me bobbing my head along, nothing happened.

However, there are some songs that really move me. They move my hand straight to the off-switch, to be precise.

One of the singers that held the record for annoying yet catchy songs, for a while was Bruno Mars. I can name three songs out of the top of my head that really make me cringe:

– Marry you.
This is such a douchebag song. He sings about wanting to do something stupid and then comes up with the oh so romantic proposal. “I think I wanna marry you” YOU THINK?? And not because you love me or find me extremely funny or hot or smart, but just because you’re bored and/or drunk?? Booooo!

– Lazy song.
This song should really totally appeal to me, as I have perfected the art of doing nothing imo. But for some reason this song gets on my nerves so intensely that I almost lost control over a car trying to get rid of it. I would prefer driving myself off a cliff than having to listen to his lame ass attitude. (luckily Holland is as flat as a nickel)

– Billionaire.
Maybe it’s just the combination of being a lazy ass douchebag that might consider marrying you on a slow night and then this…. And the fact that it gets stuck in my head and I sometimes accidentally sing along to it doesn’t make it OK, Bruno!

I must admit his next album did a lot of good for his position on my internal popularity charts and I actually think he’s pretty cool now… But those three songs…. *shiver*

Grenade used to be up there as well, but it moved over to the thumbs-up-list as my initial annoyance with him faded. I still think it’s a pretty bad idea to catch a grenade though, no matter how cool that chick is…

Romantic, you say? I disagree. One of the most romantic song ever is this one, if you ask me:

And I don’t wanna steal your freedom
I don’t wanna change your mind
I don’t have to make you love me
I just want to take your time

His vulnerability is so endearing and even if it’s just a pick up line, I would totally fall for it… What do you think?