Two kinds of people

I ran into this tumblr page the other day that made me go: “YES, I am totally THAT person!” several times. There are many more images on the original page but I chose a couple that speak to me, personally.

Let’s agree to refer to the images on the left as person A and the image on the right as person B, OK?

For example, this image below…. Man, it triggers so many feelings….Anyone care to admit they are person B?

I doubt anyone will, because the people that have these issues are completely blind to the terror of the toolbar. I can’t begin to explain how much I hate these things… So yes, I am totally utterly a person A in this case. My mom and dad? B’s all the way, despite my advices…

two kinds of people 8

Another webpage related one is this one below. I think I am a bit of both but mostly A. I sometimes have one or two browser windows open and several tabs in each. Both windows would preferably have different themes, obviously (ie one work-related, one with private-matters). 😛

two kinds of people 5

This is the last computer-themed one, and I try to be person B as much as I can here. I rename all my downloads to something comprehensible and try to order them in logically named files and everything. As little as possible on my desktop itself, if I can help it.

two kinds of people 1

Now… this next one is about Sudoku and all though I am crappy with numbers I do give these numerical puzzles a shot every now and then. It’s usually a sign of extreme boredom during train travelling and it usually ends up in me being Person B.

two kinds of people 4

I worked at a car company for about a year and a half and drove in many pretty cars, worth more than the house I am living in now. Many were automatics and I do get why people would prefer this….  But I can’t help it, can’t really explain it, call me European, but I am in the end really a person A.

two kinds of people 7

Now this is really one of my few OCD issues, if I have any…. And to make a long story short, it HAS TO BE picture B. Never A, nonono.

two kinds of people 2

How about you?