Mind Cleanup July 2020

July was not a good month for blogging, apparently. My goal to publish at least three blogs per month was not met. It was my Alphabet challenge that got in the way. The letter D… Ddddamn you, letter D.


Words that were more prominent in my life were all C-words: Communication, conspiracies, consciousness and, you know that other C-word.

A double C-word that featured in a discussion I had with my boyfriend G was crowd control.

He was telling me about how 5G technology has the power to stun and paralyze people through milimeter wave frequencies. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, and G couldn’t help but notice.

It turns out that Mona Keijzer, the Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs, helped fuel this idea when she mentioned crowd control during a debate on the implementation of 5G in the Netherlands. For Dutch speaking people interested in hearing her exact words, click here (but please close your eyes while you listen, as the imagery in the vid is misleading imo)

My first reaction was that she was referring to the capacity of 5G to be more precise about peoples’ exact locations, making it possible to anticipate where it could become undesirably crowded (and of which individuals that crowd might consist). Cynically enough, I think we’re already past the point that that is shocking or secret, troubling as it may be. This New Yorker article from April 2019 explains my feelings about that quite well.

My boyfriend challenged me to read into it further, as he felt my filter bubble may have been keeping me away from seeing the full picture. So, I did. And I hereby admit that I did find reliable, science based information, backed by governments and mainstream institutions, that affirms that “hypersonic weapons” are a thing and that 5G could play a role in making the application of such weapons easier.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that (for now).


Time for a musical interlude.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the talent of this young man?

And can somebody please make him a sandwich?

‘Good’ communication

During the lock down period, when we were all working from home, a lot of communication was conducted in writing, rather than in spoken form.

It has been interesting to see how eloquent people who have no problem explaining something face-to-face can have so much trouble doing the same thing when those words need to be presented in writing. I witnessed a lot of sloppy communication that I knew was meant well, but could be interpreted in so many ways, that it made my brain hurt.

I find the power of language wildly interesting. Learning about meanings behind words and the unintentional damage that can be done with them is something I wish everybody would take a little time to think about.

Luckily, I actually like my co-workers. They are cool peeps with good hearts, making it easy to forgive their verbal clumsiness.

I have been re-listening Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings myself, which have turned out to be excellent running and cycling soundtracks.

As a lover of sarcasm and brutal humor though, I have always needed to check myself every now and then. I don’t always get it right but I do try to fix any damage I may have done and do better the next time around..

It did make me realize that, once again, ignorance is bliss.

The fact that I have knowledge of Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings and the implicit idea that there is such a thing as ‘violent communication’ turned out to be a bit of a burden for me.

It made it harder to let things pass, even when I knew what the message was that someone was trying to convey. Words that I have come to identify as ‘aggressive’ make me frown, where I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought in the past.

These spasms of annoyance also demonstrate that I’m not done learning. I know that the way I receive and process a message is up to me. How I feel can never be somebody else’s responsibility (or their choice of words).

Still… I just wish they would just ‘do it properly’.

the letter D

Deodorant. Doom’s day preppers. Defunding the Police. the Daily Show. Dancing. Drought. Dominance.

As I said, I’m having a hard time finding something to write about that starts with the letter D.

I had an idea about the word Dixie, but I have to admit that would just be a sorrow attempt of me trying to be relevant and probably failing. I know too little about it and simply do not have a strong enough opinion about the matter, which means I lack motivation.

And then there was Democracy. I do have an opinion about that. But I just wish I could come up with something easy for once… A topic that not only makes for easy writing but also easy reading.

I’m sure something will get written in the upcoming weeks, but July 2020 will have to go into the history books as one without an Alphabet-inspired post.

Alright, August Blogust. I’m ready for you.


Mind Cleanup – February ’16

First of March today and I’m staying home sick. Not the best way to start a month but it was bound to happen. Everyone around seems to have had their share and for a bit there, I thought I would dodge the bullet but today I caved in. My body demands some R&R, some TLC and some extra Z’s. Wish granted.

I must admit a snot filled head is not the best state to be in while conducting a mind cleanup, but I already had some stuff lined up so might as well finish it up and hit the Publish button. If it comes across as a tad incoherent, now you know why…

emoji dafaq.png


I overheard two of my colleagues talking the other day and I couldn’t help but tune in when I heard them discussing TV series, films and documentary recommendations. And then I heard one of them saying with a slight smirk “Can you believe there are still people that believe it was the planes that brought the towers down in New York?”. When I turned around, sort of rolling my eyes, he said: “Ah, I see you are one of those gullible souls too…”

Now, I must admit I wasn’t even that surprised by the fact that that particular colleague thought like that. He is a notorious conspiracy theorist, which is simultaneously something I like and dislike about him. The surprising part was coming home and telling my boyfriend about this, who in turn said he didn’t exclude the possibility that the twin towers were brought down by the U.S. themselves either…

And now I feel like I really need to watch me some conspiracy theorist documentaries because I really have no good arguments to contradict it, other than “…but that’sjust ridiculous”.

mirror.gifGetting to know myself

I went to an inspirational get together the other day, called the “Superhero Boostcamp”. It is meant to boost self-esteem and help people who feel they are stuck in an unfulfilling phase, place or job. All though none of these things particularly apply to me or my life at the moment it was not a waste of time. The crowd was friendly and welcoming and the tea hot and soothing. And there were cookies too. I am also a firm believer that a little self-reflection every now is good for the soul.

emoji happyUppers

  • There is a new service on Dutch trains: USB power banks to charge mobile phones and tablets. You buy it once and then you can swap it for a charged one every time you need it. Came in pretty handy during my last trip up North!
  • An old chair that’s been in the family for ages and came with me when I moved into my apartment has just received a fancy makeover and looks a million bucks (and for now it kinda feels like that is actually what it cost too)!

emoji disappointedDowners

  • Watched Fruitvale Station. Haven’t cried like that in a loooong time… And it wasn’t because one guy was killed. It wasn’t because I saw his family mourn. It wasn’t because I knew how it would end from the very first minute. It was because I realized it wasn’t an incident. The size of the issue and the hopelessness just stuck a knife in my heart.
  •  Trump -> #makedonalddrumpfagain

emoji musicMusic

  • I don’t watch American football (or even really know the rules), I am not a big fan of patriotistic symbols or rituals and I was born on the other side of the Atlantic. Somehow or other though, I decided to click on a youtube video of the pre-superbowl national anthem being sung by Lady Gaga. And wow. Those windpipes. Just wow.
  • I love James Corden’s carpool karaoke vids. It would be even better if they would mute the studio audience, though. And boy, I wish I could watch full un-edited versions of these carpool rides somewhere (except the one with Mariah)!
  • I love Sia’s new album.  I love how she goes full-out in the car ride with James Corden. I love how she pulls heart strings I didn’t know I had. I love her crazy balance between sanity and lunacy.
  • New discoveries of the month
  • I learned a new word, thanks to the Brika song named above, being Limerence. I’m not sure I know exactly how to use it, but if I ever manage to put it into context somewhere I’ll be sure to let you know!


Happy B-day dad.