This is Blog 6 in my A-Z Blogseries:

Yesterday I gave us all a break by writing something sweet (literally) and simple. No politics in there, whatsoever.

For the letter F I had several ideas:

The first two already featured in previous blogs and the third and fourth are too heavy and complicated for a quick ABC-post. All though the penultimate option was a close contender until the last minute (because, what is friendship really?) I chose for the latter.

Last year I travelled quite a bit:

  • North Finland (January)
  • Denmark (June)
  • France (August)
  • Londen (September)
  • Spain (November)
  • Ireland (December)

With the exception of my trip to France all of these voyages were made by airplane, which means I have a ginormous ecological footprint. I feel bad about this.

Apparently not bad enough though, because for 2019 I have two new trips to faraway destinations planned and maybe a third (but this one I could try to organize with some other means of transportation).

It’s a flying shame!

Mea culpa. Mother earth, please forgive me…

Awareness is the first step, right? So, here I am. I’ve reached level 1.

Now I’d rather not t stay here too long, on the one side because a gnawing conscience is annoying and on the other side because… well… because I actually want to do better.

So, what would level 2 entail?

No more flying until the airline industry makes cleaner air-travel possible, I guess!

I must admit it hurts a bit to think about it, but I am willing to go there (right after I visit my brother in Canada this October)…