This is Blog 10 in my A-Z Blogseries:

My brother, D, and his rockstar of a girlfriend had a baby on Marth 14th and they named her Jasmina.

Her floral counterpart is one of the most wonderfully fragrant flowers I know of. A big Jasmine shrub can fill the summer air with a scent so sweet you can almost touch it.

My little baby niece still only smells like baby. Some people like the smell of baby. I like the way puppies smell, so I understand the principle.


The truth is that I haven’t actually seen (or smelled) my baby niece yet. My brother and his family live abroad and I haven’t had the chance to go over for a visit yet.

Somehow though, I already love her deeply. She is somehow connected to the fibers of my being. We are going to get along famously, I know it.

Welcome to the world, Jazz!