This is Blog 5 in my A-Z Blogseries:

Anytime I daydream about designing, building and decorating my dream home I always envision there to be an elderberry tree on the property.

Its blossom is beautiful and fragrant (adored by bees and butterflies alike) and the berries are tangy and subtle in flavor (lovely in jams).

The elderberry’s best gift to mankind is the syrup that can be made out it’s blossom. Elderflower cordial is my absolute favorite type of lemonade and I am so happy that it’s gaining popularity in the Netherlands as well.

Elderflower lemonade with a squeeze of lemon: super yummy!

I imagine elderflower cordial is the kind of sweet treat elves would make and enjoy in their wine and lemonades. Even its name sounds like it was made up by elves, don’t you think? Non-coincidentally this particular variety of lemonade is also quite popular in Scandinavian countries, the most elf-like of peoples if you ask me…

Having access to free elderflower lemonade was one of the awesome perks of working as a volunteer during the week-long Roskilde Festival in Denmark the last two years. I will have to miss out on that this summer but hope to return again in 2020 (and not just for the lemonade).

What’s your ultimate summer thirst quencher?