Emma Massingale

If my fairy godmother were to appear all of a sudden and tell me my life had been cursed by some envious sorceress and that the only way to save me was to switch lives with someone, I would choose the life of Emma Massingale.

In fact, I wouldn’t need my own life to be threatened to choose a life like Emma’s. #lifegoals

That she has a lot of animals is unquestionably awesome, but the way she does it is what I admire the most. The bond she shares with her furry friends is incredible.

She is an adventurous soul. She is a dreamer who learned much about life and herself the hard way (by being too bold and breaking important bones). She is naturally charming and unapologetically awkward.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look:

All the work she does with the animals is based on fun and never force. She uses their natural way of being to teach them tricks. She is their leader but most definitely also their friend and part of the pack.

She goes on fun trips around the country with beasts of all shapes and sizes and makes it look effortless. One time she might take all the tan colored horses (of all sizes) out for a stroll. On the next occasion, she might take the speckled team (including the dalmatian) along. And sometimes, like in this video below, she’ll go on a ride with two ponies, a lamb, a dog and a cat.

I am a fan, as you might have suspected by now. I love all of her work and am thrilled every time a new vid comes out.

I even love it when she dresses up her animals in crazy outfits, even though I usually can’t stand that. In her case though, I know that she wouldn’t do it if the animal was uncomfortable with it. Also, I believe that her animals live very natural lives, outside of the work they do with her.

I guess that, if my fairy godmother were to appear, I might ask her to adjust just one aspect of my new life as Emma. I would be tempted to ask her to transfer it all to a place with slightly better weather. I’m sure English moors are lovely on a sunny summer day but in the winter, maybe not so much…

Then again, if at the end of the day you can warm up by the fire surrounded by some furry friends, it would totally be worth it.

This dedication to Emma Massingale is a contribution for my own personal A-to-Z challenge, which I will be adding to once a month. Alphabet so far:

  • A is for Axolotl
  • B is for Bird buddies
  • C is for Comfort food
  • D is for Dystopia
  • E is for Emma Massingale

All the images in this blog were taken from Emma Massingale’s social media accounts. I do not own them nor have rights to them.



This is Blog 6 in my A-Z Blogseries:

Yesterday I gave us all a break by writing something sweet (literally) and simple. No politics in there, whatsoever.

For the letter F I had several ideas:

The first two already featured in previous blogs and the third and fourth are too heavy and complicated for a quick ABC-post. All though the penultimate option was a close contender until the last minute (because, what is friendship really?) I chose for the latter.

Last year I travelled quite a bit:

  • North Finland (January)
  • Denmark (June)
  • France (August)
  • Londen (September)
  • Spain (November)
  • Ireland (December)

With the exception of my trip to France all of these voyages were made by airplane, which means I have a ginormous ecological footprint. I feel bad about this.

Apparently not bad enough though, because for 2019 I have two new trips to faraway destinations planned and maybe a third (but this one I could try to organize with some other means of transportation).

It’s a flying shame!

Mea culpa. Mother earth, please forgive me…

Awareness is the first step, right? So, here I am. I’ve reached level 1.

Now I’d rather not t stay here too long, on the one side because a gnawing conscience is annoying and on the other side because… well… because I actually want to do better.

So, what would level 2 entail?

No more flying until the airline industry makes cleaner air-travel possible, I guess!

I must admit it hurts a bit to think about it, but I am willing to go there (right after I visit my brother in Canada this October)…