This is Blog 8 in my A-Z Blogseries:

I was already past the letter C when I realized my alphabet blogseries wouldn’t be complete without including at least ONE Calvin & Hobbes inspired post.

So, this post is dedicated to Hobbes.

Hobbes is actually a stuffed animal, but that doesn’t stop Calvin from having great adventures with him. Hobbes is Calvin’s very best friend as well as his tormentor and his conscience. To Calvin, Hobbes is very much alive.

This following little conversation between Calvin and Hobbes, is a good illustration of what makes these comics by Bill Watterson so wonderful.

Four frames. Super simple, yet still interesting and thought provoking. A message I think Greta would approve of.

And just to remind you, this comic strip was drawn up in April 1989… That was 30 years ago… talk about becoming cynical…


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